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About The Magazine


Whole Flower Foods

There are so many healthy ways to use cannabis beyond smoking, focusing on the whole flower. From savory sauces, DIY sweet edibles and even natural topicals support overall health and wellbeing. Discover culinary ideas that can be done in any home kitchen, how-to's and cannabis culinary information in this NEW monthly publication.

Learning  about Cannabis and how it supports health through foods can be life changing! 


Responsible Cooking

When it comes to cooking with cannabis for health, you don't just throw the plant in any recipe  and call it a day. For safe and effective dosing, it's important to know how to use cannabis  responsibly in the kitchen. 

Cannibis Cooking Magazine evokes responsible culinary inspiration for the curious and canna expert alike.  


Expert Advice & Culinary Ideas

From expert advice to original

ideas, Cannabis Cooking Magazine

is all about culinary exploration and challenging stigmas surrounding cannabis—in the states and world-wide. Beyond food, we explore what is cannabis and the legalization of cannabis along with all recipes related to cannabis.  


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